Yoga for Riders: Pre-Riding Warmup

Nicole and Ginny
Nicole and Ginny prepare for an Eventing competition 

We all know what it feels like to enter the barn and start riding again after a long winter rest. Toklat Sales Representative, avid Eventing/Endurance competitor and former competitive mountain trail runner, Nicole Musmanno Vinzant walks us through her favorite Pre-Riding Warmup Yoga routine. Whether she is at home or on the road competing, this quick 10 minute yoga practice will lengthen the entire body and help center you for the ride and day ahead. Nicole is a RYTT-200 Yoga Instructor with additional certifications including addiction and trauma. For information on personal practice, you can message Nicole at Go West Yoga, by Pi on Facebook. Follow Toklat and Go West Yoga, by Pi on Facebook for additional rider fitness articles and videos to keep you feeling your best in the saddle.

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