Toklat Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for gift ideas for the horse enthusiast in your life? We have compiled a list of gift ideas with every horse and rider in mind from English to Western! To shop all of our products, visit our website.


T3 & Matrix Saddle Pads

Whether you need a work or show pad, our T3 and Matrix pads are designed to protect you and your horse from the impact of schooling and competition. Available in styles for every discipline and level – ranging from high impact to low impact performance protection.


Myler Bits

Looking to treat a friend or even your four-legged partner? Myler Bits have created a whole line of bits with your horse’s comfort and performance in mind. Designed to eliminate bit interference and correct bit evasion through the use of tongue relief, Myler Bits encourage positive communication and a relaxed mind for horses of all levels and personalities. Need help selecting a bit? Complete our Myler Bit Wizard for our best recommendation!


Bucas Recuptex Therapy Blanket


Made from an extremely fine stainless steel mesh that reflects the magnetic fields created inside the body to stimulate blood circulation and oxygen flow through the horse’s back and body. This reduces swelling and inflammation and promotes faster healing when used as a therapeutic treatment


Woof Wear

Wanting to add a pop of color for fun or need a protective boot for your competitive rider? Woof Wear offers a wide range of boots for every rider. School in our fun Sport Brushing Boots or compete in our high tech Smart Tendon or Smart Event boots for optimum leg protection.


Irideon Riding Wear

Stay warm this winter with Irideon Riding Wear! Offering a wide range of must-have layers, cozy breeches and water-resistant (and waterproof!) jackets to keep you comfortable during the unpredictable winter weather. Click HERE to see the entire Fall/Winter 2017 line.


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